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  1. verena trainer kollegin ;-p verena trainer kollegin ;-p

    hey soulfood junky 😉

    bin total begeistert vin deiner seite und deinen ifeen und Künsten.
    hätte ja nie gedacht. ….. wow

    bin voll stolz auf dich !!!
    weiter sooooo


    • Of all the breads, rye bread has to be on top of the list for me! Your bread is to „die for“…Angie!Pinned it!If I could make a crust like that, I would be on „top of the world“ happy!I did make a very nice old fahsioned rye bread previously (yeah, right!) maybe a year ago, but was not adventurous enough to put enough slashes on top to make a pretty rustic design! Well, we know who’s the Queen of bread making…hands, down!

  2. He he, I just posted an exltemery similar bread recipe! I uploaded it to RecipeNewZ and saw your bread right next to it 🙂 Made it yesterday. I make it all the time – delicious! Only my bread is not as professional as yours: I don’t heave a sourdough starter, so I just let it ferment in the fridge for a couple of days. I don’t add honey, maybe I should try it next time. Wonderful pics!

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